We Acknowledge ‘Servant Leaders’ Past and Present

November 28, 2021 0 comments Dr. Marston Thomas, PhD, JP Categories Updates

IT IS my pleasure, privilege and duty to offer greetings on the 185th anniversary of the establishment of The Mico University College.

Highest commendations to the board of directors, principal, staff, students and alumni for recognising this — lest we forget — site of one of Jamaica's outstanding institutions of tangible and intangible heritage.

It is fortuitous that Professor Neville Ying, an outstanding alumnus, should publish his book, Shaping a Servant Leader, this year since the contents echo the mission of The Mico, and we acknowledge with gratitude 'servant leaders' past and present.

Fate would determine the path of The Mico because, according to Jamaican Professor Colin Channer, "Our ancestors did not arrive through immigration but through customs because they were regarded as goods."

When the act for abolition was to be signed by King William IV who had been to Jamaica as 'Sailor Prince' with Admiral Horatio Nelson and who had benefited from the herbal remedies of Couba Cornwalls of Port Royal, Venerable John Trew, Anglican Archdeacon who served in Vere, Manchester and St Thomas, published an appeal to the people of Great Britain for religious instructions for the 300,000 enslaved soon to be freed. The letter won the esteem of liberator, Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, who identified Rev Trew as the secretary and first principal of The Mico at the space that is now Kingston Technical High School on Hanover Street.

We are indebted to Mrs. Sharon Bogues-Wolfe, co-chairman, for her truly outstanding contribution to the Commemoration Committee.

Dave Martin said, "Life is a gift, open it", and this is because the past is history, the future is a mystery, but the present is gift; that is why it is called a present. Please continue to open the Mico present to the world!

Co-Chairman, 185th Anniversary Committee

This article first appeared in the Sunday Gleaner, November 28, 2021 - Jamaica, as part of a national celebration of The Mico's 185th Anniversary Celebration. From PressReader >