The Importance of Research in Enhancing Tertiary Education

November 28, 2021 0 comments Dr. Marston Thomas, PhD, JP Categories Updates

THE INSTITUTE of Technological and Educational Research (ITER) was established at The Mico University College in 2010. Distinguished scholar and alum, Professor Edwin Jones, was ITER's founding director.

ITER was essentially founded as the research arm of Mico. This was a strategic move to reposition The Mico, after over 170 years of its founding and journey as a premier teaching institution in the Caribbean, to embrace research as a core principle of its operation. Simply put, ITER was founded to ensure that The Mico consciously and actively engages in knowledge production as a core principle of its operation.

Mico then is no longer just consuming knowledge in the pursuit of its teaching objectives, it is also engaging in knowledge production to do so and much more. Knowledge production has a strategic value-added dimension intellectually in terms of faculty-student engagement and inter-intra faculty engagement; in informing policy in a wide range of educational developmental issues and contexts in the public and private sectors nationally, regionally and internationally. It is also a way of developing itself financially through consultancies.

Research is at the heart of this transformative push by The Mico, and ITER is tasked to lead this process. In this process, it is fundamentally important that a research culture is nurtured from ongoing diverse research and research-affirming activities: research projects, research seminars and conferences, peer-reviewed publications, book launches, research and publication awards, Mico Days (where research projects are showcased to The Mico family, other educational institutions, government agencies and the public at large), community engagements/outreach (including lectures/guest presentations, public media conversations, etc., thus enabling The Mico to perform its duty as citizen).

ITER is mindful that a critical strategic task in developing Mico's research and knowledge production capacity is the designing and implementing of research methods programmes at both the undergraduate and graduate level as a core basis for self-directed learning and the making of the sovereign learner. It is here, as well as at the above, that Mico's march to offering exclusive research graduate degrees (Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy), along with its current master's programmes, is assured.

Best wishes.

Director of ITER

This article first appeared in the Sunday Gleaner, November 28, 2021 - Jamaica, as part of a national celebration of The Mico's 185th Anniversary Celebration. From PressReader >