Taking Great Pride in the Accomplishments of Mico Alumni

November 28, 2021 0 comments Dr. Marston Thomas, PhD, JP Categories Updates

THE MICO University Old Students' Association (MOSA) salutes our alma mater on the 185th anniversary of its establishment by the Lady Mico Trust in 1836.

Over its subsequent 185 years, The Mico University College has helped to prepare students mainly from Jamaica and the Caribbean to become teachers, and has become the premier teacher-training institution in the Western Hemisphere.

The success The Mico University College has brought to its students at the global level is remarkable and the Mico old students hold it as top priority to continue this progress by protecting and giving support to our alma mater, especially as we celebrate MOSA's 100-year anniversary in 2022.

The Mico Old Students' Association, since 1922, has partnered with the university college to help with infrastructure, student development and scholarships to enhance teaching and learning.

As president of the Mico Old Students' Association, it is important for me to note that this anniversary signifies the achievement of the college and the willingness of those who have given their time, talent and resources to continue on a path of providing outstanding educational opportunities for young people to become teachers.

As a proud alumnus, I take great pride in the accomplishments of the many alumni over these 185 years. You have been the greatest advertisement of what The Mico University College education is all about. Mico was always referred to in the early days as the 'poor man university', but today Miconians are scattered all over the world in every business and industry doing extremely well, and are proud to be called Miconians.

We note the great achievements of our university college over the years from accepting only male students to enrolling both genders; from a cadre of 50 students then to nearly 2,000 at present; from a certificate to diploma to now first degrees and master's degrees; from course accreditation to institutional accreditation. And now, awaiting full university status.

As our college song says:

Onward forever then children of the Mico

Build them a monument shining and great

Give them the witness of noble ambitions

Labour as they did for God and the state

With your might! Mico!

May God continue to bless our alma mater.

President, Mico Old Students' Association (MOSA)

This article first appeared in the Sunday Gleaner, November 28, 2021 - Jamaica, as part of a national celebration of The Mico's 185th Anniversary Celebration. From PressReader >