Share With Us Your Story

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MOSA 100th Celebration | 1922 - 2022
Repositioning for the Future
The Story of MICO's Impact on My Life and Career
Share with us Your Story

To commemorate the centenary of its formation in 1922 The Mico Alumni Association (MOSA) invites alumni to share their stories about how the education at Mico has influenced their lives. From submissions, as many stories as possible will be included in a book to celebrate the work of Miconians universally, tirelessly and timelessly. These will also include submissions on behalf of those who are deceased.

• The book will highlight the work of MOSA since its inception, and should be a unique commemorative compendium that alumni and others will want to add to their libraries.

• Your story should be no more than 500 words with a caption, and accompanied with your photograph. You may also submit short-stories on behalf of Miconians who are deceased.

How to submit your stories:

ONLINE 1: Go to our Submit Your Story page here and click the button to fill out the form. Instructions are there informing you to upload a document and a picture, or to write out your story there.


ONLINE 2: Fill out MY STORY FORM by WORD file and attach a photograph in jpeg, pdf by clicking on this link: https://forms.gIe/N2NC3bqaMEKGLqY09


EMAIL: A Word document with photograph to:

CONTACT: Ambassador Byron Blake, Chair of the Publication Committee
Email :