Mico: History and Overview

November 28, 2021 0 comments Dr. Marston Thomas, PhD, JP Categories Updates


To be the 'University of Choice' in the Caribbean with distinction in teacher education, research and community service.


To support national and regional development through the preparation of students with the required knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes, and values in teacher education, and by promoting a culture of inquiry, learning and service through our talented and dedicated staff.


The Mico University College, which started operation in 1836, is the oldest teacher education institution in the Western Hemisphere.

Since 1836 the institution has established an internationally recognised brand. This brand is supported by four important pillars – leadership, service to others, integrity, and excellence in performance. These have formed the core values of our institution.

Our graduates and alumni have distinguished themselves all over the globe and have been excellent ambassadors of Brand Mico.

Our core business is teacher education. However, our holistic and multidisciplinary approach to education has resulted in our graduates making seminal and outstanding contributions globally in diverse fields, such as teaching, law, business, politics and religion. The Mico Institution, as The Mico University College was then called, opened its doors to 10 newly freed, poor black student teachers - three men and seven women. Its aim was to train native schoolteachers at the elementary level who could then go on to transform the educational landscape in Jamaica.

The Mico University College is known for having students from humble beginnings, equipping them to attain the highest levels of achievement. Once described as "the poor man's university", we have the distinction of graduating two governors general - Sir Clifford Campbell, the first governor general of independent Jamaica, and Sir Howard Cooke - both from poor circumstances, and we have continued this trend. Recently the PreUniversity Men's Programme (PUMP) was introduced, which targets young men at risk for pursuing university degrees.

One hundred and eighty-five years later, The Mico University College continues to welcome persons of all faiths as it provides sterling service in teacher education. It offers undergraduate degree programmes through its three faculties: Education and Leadership; Humanities and Liberal Arts; and Science and Technology. These programmes are offered in 17 specialisations at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels. The Mico also offers four master's programmes through its Graduate School of Education, in collaboration with its Research and Development arm the Institute of Technological and Educational Research (ITER). The institution has an academic staff of more than 150, and a combined population of day and evening students numbering over 2,000.

In this 185th year, the college achieved a significant milestone and was "granted institutional accreditation by the University Council of Jamaica as a university college". Our institution has positioned itself to take every opportunity to strategically look to the future to achieve full university status.

The vision and mission of the MUC is shared by our Chancellor Dr Karl James, Pro-Chancellor Dr Ryland Campbell and President Dr Asburn Pinnock. Our alumni engagement is supported by the Office of Alumni and Development and The Mico Old Students' Association.

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