Mico Alumni Empower At-Risk Males With J$700,000 Donation

December 5, 2021 0 comments Dr. Marston Thomas, PhD, JP Categories Updates

The Mico University College graduating batch 145 donated J$700,000 to the institution’s Pre-University Men’s Programme (PUMP) on Tuesday 2nd February 2021.

"Batch 145 wanted to give back to the college for our 40th reunion as a batch. The PUMP initiative came out as the most lucrative of all the areas we considered, as many members thought that this was the most needed area,” Batch President, Donald Cruickshank expressed.

"We hope that this contribution will help someone who is struggling to achieve their dreams so they can go out to help others. We want to inspire a spirit of continuous giving,” he continued.

The PUMP initiative was introduced in September 2008 by former University President, Professor Claude Packer, in response to the shortage of men in the classroom. PUMP is meant to empower men holistically by providing academic, social, and emotionally sound experiences that support the realities of their context.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), published a study titled ‘Gender Differences In Education In Jamaica’ written by Hyacinth Evans that highlighted the differences in education across genders. The researcher hypothesised that "various factors related to the home and community would influence academic achievement. These factors include attendance and desire to drop out of school, time spent on homework and general reading after school hours, and involvement in work activities. Students’ perceptions of parental support and supervision are also examined, as well as their perception of the utility and value of education.”

Joel Scott, Batch 145’s Student Relations Officer echoed these sentiments and expressed that, “it is significant to contribute to the men in the education process because we do know that in the Jamaican context the men are marginalised. There are many women who are making significant progress. It is crucial that we keep the men in positions of influence within the education sector as well."

Dr Asburn Pinnock, President at the Mico University College expressed his gratitude to batch 145 for the kind donation. “Batch 145, we are always grateful to receive the support to your alma mater - the great institution - the Mico University College. In fact, without you, over the years, I can attest that hundreds of students wouldn't have made it, including those in the PUMP programme. The support that Mico Old Students’ Association (MOSA) and past batches have given is truly the testimony of our core values - service through commitment, excellence in performance, and our tagline - Do It With Thy Might.

(from left) Dr Nadine Leechman, Dr Asburn Pinnock - President at the Mico, Donald Cruickshank - Batch 145 President, and Director of the School of Continuing Studies Franklyn Bennett.

Credit to original article from The Mico University College, titled similarly, dated 3-Feb-2021.