Continue Being That Driving Force to Inspire Students

November 28, 2021 0 comments Dr. Marston Thomas, PhD, JP Categories Updates

CONGRATULATIONS TO The Mico University College on celebrating the significant milestone of 185 years of providing quality education to our students and young educators. For more than 18 decades, the staff, students and stakeholders of The Mico University College have exemplified the mission statement: To support national and regional development through well educated populations by preparing students with the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in teacher education, and by promoting a culture of inquiry, learning and service through our talented and dedicated staff.

As one of Jamaica's premier teaching institutions, Mico offers a diverse education programme focusing on student development, as well as their physical, moral, and critical thinking capabilities through an array of co-curricular activities. As an institution that embraces student-centredness, Mico is committed to providing students with the highest quality education through a strategic and holistic learning environment which encourages research and scholarship, and which nurtures and prepares them with the requisite knowledge, skills, competencies, morals and values to be transformational leaders in an ever-changing, complex world.

Mico has consistently set high standards by offering a robust curriculum to engender hard work and critical thinking. Indeed, our society needs citizens who can develop new ideas that drive innovations leading to economic growth and development, particularly as we prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which has been fast-tracked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I encourage the present students to take full advantage of the excellent opportunities and instructions at Mico. As the current and wider body of The Mico University College reflect on all the achievements during its 185 years of service to the community, it is also an important time to develop strategies for the future as the Government makes plans to further improve the nation's education system through the High Level Education Transformation Commission. I acknowledge and commend the distinguished past students making meaningful contributions in several disciplines in the private and public sectors.

Commendations are also due to the board, leadership and lecturers for their continued work in steering the institution over the years. In that regard, I urge you to support the students by working assiduously to ensure each student reaches his or her full potential.

As it celebrates 185 years as an educational institution, I urge The Mico University College family to continue being that driving force to inspire students to discover their passions and understand the importance of academic excellence, while rising to meet the challenges of life.

All the very best for the future.

Prime Minister of Jamaica

This article first appeared in the Sunday Gleaner, November 28, 2021 - Jamaica, as part of a national celebration of The Mico's 185th Anniversary Celebration. From PressReader >