185 Years of a Bastion of Education Success

November 28, 2021 0 comments Dr. Marston Thomas, PhD, JP Categories Updates

ONE HUNDRED and eighty-five years is a long time in the life and history of any institution, but for The Mico University College, this milestone is remarkable. Remarkable, because over these many years, this institution has influenced the lives of so many people in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, who have in turn positively impacted the lives of many generations, both locally and internationally. We are indeed happy to be associated with The Mico University College as one of its major stakeholders 185 years after the first set of students graduated.

It isn't easy to come to any celebration at The Mico without considering the insight and vision of the founding fathers of this great institution. The advocacy of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton and his colleagues for the education of the peoples of the Caribbean who were emerging from the debilitating impact of the Atlantic slave trade was a life-changing experience that brought hundreds of benefactors to this point of celebration. We are delighted that Jamaica now holds pride of place with The Mico University College being the only surviving institution of the 300 normal schools that were scattered across the Caribbean. We celebrate because the history of The Mico College, now The Mico University College, has created the gateway for the upward mobility for many of our people, some of whom are witnessing this 185th year of this bastion of education success.

The foundation treasures the relationship with the university college and is committed to honouring its role and status as a trust institution beyond the measure of any future changes that may occur. In this 185th year, we continue to hold fast to our purpose to benefit, enhance and to ensure the continuation of The Mico in its mission to serve, by providing high-quality education that is appropriate to succeeding generations.

On behalf of the foundation, may I wish the leadership of this magnificent historical treasure continued success and the blessings of God as we look forward to many more years of institutional growth.

The Mico Foundation joins the Lady Mico Trust in applauding the university college in this incredible journey of resilience, longevity, and nation-building.

Chairman of the Mico Foundation

This article first appeared in the Sunday Gleaner, November 28, 2021 - Jamaica, as part of a national celebration of The Mico's 185th Anniversary Celebration. From PressReader >